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For decades, the English-speaking world has led the entertainment industry on gay latin lesbian lesbian TV representation. The U.

For this reason, the lesbiab of TV shows throughout South and Central America that have ever aired homosexual characters are.

However, while there have been few lesbian pairings on Latin Latin lesbian TV, most of these recent pairings have been massively popular in a way that is not paralleled in the English-speaking world. It latin lesbian awaits studios in Latin Italian girl problems to realize it.

Latin lesbian metrics on viewership of Latin Binghamton escort lesbian pairings are nothing less than impressive. As popular as Clexa is among English-speakers, these Latin American telenovela pairings are quietly averaging three to four times more views.

The difference between the popularity of Latin American and Lsebian lesbian TV pairings is also one of proportion. Why are the fandoms for these Latin American couplings so large?

Partially, demographics. By numbers, there are more native Spanish speakers than native English speakers: Add in the million native Portuguese speakers, and the Latin American market could conceivably reach million people latin lesbian.

Of course, there are latin lesbian more non-native English speakers than non-native Spanish speakers, so a better answer is that as was the case in the very early s for south tampa escorts English-speaking world, there are latin lesbian few lesbian pairings on Latin American TV that viewers voraciously consume what content does exist. In that sense, the Spanish-speaking fandoms are more monolithic and latin lesbian in larger blocs.

While the English-speaking fandoms have fractured into hundreds of shipper communities as the amount of English-language content has skyrocketed, the Spanish-speaking fandoms have rallied around a much, much smaller number of pairings.

The point is, Latin America offers a perfect, mutually beneficial situation for pesbian and content producers: Latin American content producers can easily attract this potential lesbian fandom of millions of viewers and at the same time latin lesbian their lesbian content in a way that would result in more lesbian content produced and disseminated in order to be consumed latin lesbian.

How could this work in practice?

Everyone wins. REDHaught is a good start to. Below, AfterEllen offers for readers not previously acquainted with Latin American lesbian Latin lesbian characters all of the TV shows with lesbian characters that we latin lesbian.

Not all the characters represent good representation or escape the Bury Your Gays trope, but most. We invite readers to add additional shows in the comments section to share with the community.

Silvina and Latin lesbian Brazil: Cecilia Cantanhede Chile: